Located just across the river from Lewiston, Idaho, Clarkston is a charming little city with plenty of surprises in store. Boasting a high quality of life, the city offers spectacular scenery, great local schools and plenty of parks, protected areas and outdoor activities to enjoy. Homebuyers looking for quality homes in the Lewiston metropolitan area should look just across the idyllic Snake River to Clarkston and its wealth of beautiful homes for sale.

Clarkston WA real estate offers a prime location just across from Lewiston and within close proximity of many beautiful parks and forests. In addition, Clarkston WA homes for sale enjoy low prices and interest rates, offering a wealth of options such as single-family homes, starter homes and historic townhouses. Modern homes with contemporary amenities and spacious interiors are readily available as well. Small homes perfect for retirees and empty-nesters can be found throughout the city too. Clarkston’s real estate market also enjoys strong value and rising home prices, making it a safe and wise investment.

In addition to its superb real estate choices and modest home prices, Clarkston offers a high quality of life. It boasts a strong, dynamic economy with abundant employment prospects in areas like trade, education and business. The city also enjoys great public schools as well as top-notch colleges and universities like Walla Walla Community College. Transportation options in the Clarkston region include major highways as well as Lewiston-Nez Perce County Airport nearby. The city of Clarkston also boasts a miniscule crime rate, mild and sunny weather year round and a wide array of various restaurants, boutiques and shops to explore.

Clarkston and its neighboring cities also hold a large, diverse variety of attractions and sites of interest to enjoy. The city’s location on the Snake River affords it with excellent fishing as well as some of the best boating in the region. Other outdoor activities like camping, hiking, mountain biking and bird watching are all very easy to come by in the Clarkston area. Neighboring Lewiston also hosts a wide array of attractions and activities like the Dogwood Festival, the Hot August Nights concert series, the Lewiston Public Library, Locomotive Park and much more.

Surrounded by rolling hills and rich with great homes and amenities, Clarkston is the perfect place for families, retirees, commuters to Lewiston and just about everyone else in between. Clarkston WA real estate offers a mix of value, quality and ideal location that can’t be beat nowadays. For those looking at property in the Lewiston metropolitan area, Clarkston WA homes for sale offer plenty of exceptional choices.