Genesee, Idaho is a small agricultural community that is conveniently located about 16 miles south of Moscow and about 25 miles north of Lewiston. This ideal location offers access to several regional transportation hubs including United States Routes 95 and 195. This location also offers access to several popular attractions located near the Idaho-Washington State border in Clarkston, Idaho and Uniontown, Washington.

A Brief Community History Genesee was originally established about a mile east of its current boundaries in 1872. Residents were forced to move to the present location in the late 1880s when Jacob Rosenstein decided to reject the Spokane & Palouse Railway’s offer for land that was supposed to be used to construct a railway terminus in the area.

After the village moved, Genesee residents experienced a long period of rapid growth that lasted until the early 1930s. Much of this growth was spurred by Genesee’s location in some of the country’s most productive wheat and hay fields. The growth fueled development of several hay and grain warehouses that were located near the Spokane & Palouse Railway’s terminus.

Modern interest in Genesee homes for sale was established in the 1960s by Moscow and Lewiston-area residents who discovered Genesee’s quiet neighborhoods and beautiful surroundings. This interest continues to grow as more Latah County-area residents discover the value of living in one of Idaho’s most beautiful rural communities.

Background Information About Genesee Homes for Sale Most modern Genesee homes for sale have been constructed during the last 60 years. They typically feature gracious home designs that are complemented by cozy kitchens, fun game rooms, spacious living rooms, small garages and energy-efficient bathrooms. Moreover, some Genesee homes for sale are located on large lots that offer plenty of landscaping options for gardening enthusiasts.

Other homes that appear on the Genesee real estate market include farmhouses that offer fans of vintage homes many interesting interior design options. Many of these farmhouses are located in historic neighborhoods that overlook Genesee’s famous wheat and hay fields.

Nearby Schools Genesee residents are served by public schools that are operated by the Genesee School District, the Troy School District and the Kendrick Joint School District. Most of these schools offer children challenging courses and engaging extracurricular ac tivities that are great stepping stones for lifelong learning.

Moreover, Genesee is located near several colleges and universities that offer degrees in more than 300 academic disciplines. Some of these colleges and universities include:

Nearby Post Offices and Supermarkets There is one post office located inside Genesee’s town limits. It is located on West Walnut Street near several residential subdivisions that overlook many of Genesee’s largest farms.

Moreover, there are at least 75 supermarkets that are located within a 20-mile radius of most Genesee homes for sale. The closest supermarkets are located in Genesee near East Walnut Avenue and Genesee Avenue. Others are located in Moscow and Lewiston.

Nearby Recreational Facilities and Activities Genesee residents enjoy access to many recreational facilities that are maintained by the Latah County Parks and Recreation Department. These facilities include 6 hiking trails that overlook playgrounds, picnic areas, nature trails and other fun amenities that make spending time outside with your family enjoyable.

Other popular nearby recreational facilities are located within a 30-mile radius of most Genesee homes for sale. Some of these Genesee-area recreational facilities include the PCEI nature center, the Owyhee Uplands Backcountry Byway, Lolo National Forest and Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forest. Most of these recreational facilities offer access to whitewater rafting sites, fishing spots, hiking trails and hunting spots that offer fun ways to enjoy the great outdoors with your family.

Nearby Attractions The Genesee area is locate near many fun attractions. Some of our favorite nearby attractions include the University of Idaho’s arboretum and botanical garden, Moscow’s Appaloosa Museum and Heritage Center, Camas Prairie Winery and Spring Valley Reservoir.

Nearby Events Contacting Kathy Parsells is worthwhile because she can help you find homes for sale in Genesee that are located near many popular Latah County events. Some of our favorite events include the Latah County Fair, the Palouse French Film Festival, the Moscow farmers market, the Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival and the Downtown Lewiston Pumpkin Palooza. For information about other events that take place near Genesee homes for sale, homebuyers who contact Kathy Parsells can visit the event websites maintained by the Downtown Lewiston District, the University of Idaho and the Moscow Chamber of Commerce.

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