About Uniontown

The small town of Uniontown is home to approximately 500 residents. The beautiful scenic community in the Pacific Northwest has all the charm of a rural town with the added benefit of being close to urban areas with great shopping, dining, airports and major universities.

The community minded individuals of Uniontown, regularly come together volunteering their time and skill on projects that benefit the entire community. The progressive community often undertakes groundbreaking projects despite its size. The innovative and interesting residents make great neighbors and lifelong friends. For those who are searching for charming, rural and close-knit community, Uniontown is a great choice to consider.

Uniontown History

The town of Uniontown was first founded by Thomas Montgomery. The businessman with a penchant for wandering left New York in 1863 and arrived in the Uniontown area in 1867. Montgomery filed the official homestead claim for the small community in 1874, and by 1879 the first post office had been created. Many of the area’s first immigrants were first and second generation German and Swiss people with a strong connection to the Catholic faith.

From the very beginning the town was a center for commerce, manufacturing, farming and transportation. The earliest businesses of Uniontown included a brewery, grocery store, a brick yard, a farm supply company, a hardware store, a lumberyard, a newspaper, a hotel, a railroad and a bank. The primarily Catholic residents of Uniontown supported a lively parish. In 1905, following decades of work, the St. Boniface church was finally complete.

Life In Uniontown

Uniontown is a small but lively rural community with a close-knit group of dedicated citizens who organize a variety of weekly and seasonal community events. Many of the town’s events are well attended. The events often bring many people to the small town from the surrounding areas.

Every week the community showcases fine and folk art to the public within the Dahmen Barn space. The center and its many programs offer opportunities to regional artists and craftspeople. The studio spaces, art exhibitions, classes, performance events, and gift shop draw people to the active creative space. www.artisanbarn.org.

One of the community’s most beloved events is the Sausage Feed that takes place in the Spring. The all-you-can-eat event includes amazing culinary treats, such as home-made sausage, sauerkraut, applesauce, mashed potatoes, green beans, and pies. The event also features a beer garden to compliment the local flavors. The competition is high as this is a first-come-first-serve event. The much-anticipated annual event is a fundraiser for the maintenance of the Uniontown Community Center.

Annual Events Easter Egg Hunt Annual Flea Market and Yard Sale Halloween Party Holiday Gala


Originally Uniontown boasted independent schools. However, over the last 50 years the Uniontown public schools have been consolidated with the schools of nearby Colton. The shared district boasts both secular and Catholic schools for attendance in the younger grades. Adding to the quality of the schools, the community is an active participant in the classroom. In addition, many of the schools also benefits from small class sizes and a superb teacher-to-student ratio. The result of the community’s efforts to better the school system is a very vibrant school system that is truly a part of its community. Throughout the year you will find most residents of Uniontown and Colton participating in school events.

Parks and Recreation 

The beautiful town of Uniontown is gifted with a natural scenic beauty. However, the community has also dedicated some space within the town’s limits to betterment of the area and the recreational pursuits of its residents. The town is home to several parks, including Holzer Park and Memorial Park.

Holzer Park – Located along Main Street in Uniontown, the beautiful Holzer Park was given a makeover in 1998. The park is an important part of life in Uniontown and features a children’s playground, a basketball area, and picnic tables.

Memorial Park – First built in 1948 as a baseball field, Memorial Park was given a new life in the 1990s. Many of the town’s residents pitched in and helped rehabilitate the historic park. Thanks to the dedicated residents of Uniontown, the community now enjoys a softball field, a running track, a playground, and a picnic area.

Relocating to Uniontown?

If you are considering a move to Uniontown, then consider contacting a Uniontown real estate professional. A qualified area real estate professional will be able to assist home buyers who are relocating to the area in finding properties that best match their needs. The quiet and rural area is perfect for those who seek a simpler life. From large farms to single family homes, Uniontown is home a wide variety of real estate that will suit a range of residential needs. For more information about properties for sale in Uniontown contact Kathy Parsells today.